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Souvenir art-service

In this performance, which was the part of the project  sitos distantes (remote sites), 

I reflected the specific situation around ZKU (Zentrum fur Kunst und Urbanistik, Berlin), which consisted of the several layers.
The park around ZKU belonged to the city, or the community, or the residence itself, as a consequence, no one took care about cleaning the area.
Local people didn’t treat residence and artists, who explore the area, seriously (“they come and go and we stay”).
I wanted to attract attention to the place of artist in the city and emphasize the measure of the participation. Making “Souvenir art-service”, being “a tourist”, I collected the garbage from the park into my suitcase.
The additional meaning of the performance reflects Russian-German art-interaction: while visiting Berlin many artist collect a lot of “garbage” as ideas and concepts and bring it to Russia as “souvenirs”.


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