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Movement research laboratory, 


 Russian theatre prize “Golden mask” award 2020

Udarnitsa (the striker)

THE STRIKER is a dance performance in which the choreographic duo "Something in the Air" explores the origins of the desire to strike.

The work is based on the results of research conducted during a series of laboratories held in Russia and Estonia in 2019. Together with a group of dancers and performers, Tatiana and Anna found out how suppression, restriction, frustration and resistance are manifested in post-Soviet bodies, how an impulse to fight arises and how modern media. tend to devalue it. 

I don’t know how this desire to fight emerges, but I am familiar with the moment, when the feeling of unbearableness appears in the body, when there is not enough air in the chest and almost the animal rage comes out in response. It is not clear where this aggression is aimed to:  I feel myself like Don Quichot fighting with the windmills. With invisible but the real enemy. Invisible like airborne transmission. I want to strike, but my arm falls into the void. Something important slipped away and increased my frustration.

Where from, when and how the desire to fight emerges in the air? Where this primal impulse begins? 

In collaboration with 

Tatiana Tchizhikova

Choreographer, teacher of somatic and performative practices. Movement researcher at the interface of contemporary dance, documentary choreography, routine choreography, reassembly of the body, concept-based dance, context construction in the dance and dance/movement editing. 

With support from: FORMA LAB project,  STANTSIA art venue (Kostroma, Russia), ZIL Culture Centre (Dance Programs Department), Goethe-Institut

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