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Hundreds of thousands of Russians have fled the country since the outbreak of full-scale war.  Some leave from persecution for their anti-war stance, others from mobilisation – the reasons are many. With them, like on Noah’s ark, they carefully take away their homeland, the one they love and want to preserve. This homeland continues to exist beyond its geographical borders, looking less and less like the regime that has taken over its territory and name with each passing day. The work explores the new reality of cloud Russians‘ life.

Konzept und Choreografie: Choreografisches Duo „Something in the air“ (Anna Semenova-Ganz & Tatiana Tchizhikova) / Tanz: Tarik Burnash, Shchelkina und Tatiana Tchizhikova / Musik: Lion Frenster, Alexander Michalsky, Nikita Kotliar / Licht und Technische Leitung: Sönke C. Herm / Produktionsleitung: Fabia Mekus


Premier: 28.1.2023 at Lichthof Theatre (Hamburg)

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