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How does it work?


The installation lasts 8 hours.

The scenes are not repeated: it evolves over time.

The longer you stay, the more experience you will naturally have.

The work explores the passage of time, so if you can afford it, give yourself time.

During the installation you can go out and come back in.


As a viewer in can choose different viewing strategies:

Looking at the installation from one point and seeing it as an action

Changing your position: move a chair, walk, come closer or further

Looking at yourself inside the installation: pay attention to your sensations, feelings, desires, impulses



Tanya Chizhikova

Yana Isaenko

Anna Semenova-Ganz



Roman Kutnov


Special thanks to Andreas Lübbers


Supported by

ART CONNECTS - Hilfsfond für Projekte mit schutzsuchenden Kulturschaffenden

Bezirksamt Hamburg-Nord



The work was created by three Russians: Anna lives in Germany a while, Yana and Tanya moved this year and currently are coming through the difficulties of immigration, lack of funds, bureaucracy, language barrier, they are looking for an opportunity to continue their artistic practice.

Immigration takes strength and yet refines the senses, by reassembling identity, it also reassembles the world around it. The authors want to share this sense of timelessness and new sources of awareness.

Everyone is waiting for the war to end.

Everyone is tired of waiting.

The known things have not led to anything good.

We are searching for new meanings. We are looking at the ordinary and minimal gestures, zooming inside for an answer, infusing minimal actions with ritual quality. Discovering new meanings in the process of doing we are changing the optics in order to reconfigure the attention.

We borrow strategies from meditation and from stress-coping, balancing between stillness and calmness on one side and obsessive-compulsive impulses on the other with the purpose to experience an order.

“Meanwhile” uses flow as a tool activating the whole spectrum of feelings: time moves forward and changes the way we feel. The purpose of being is being.

Anna and Tanya are collaborating since 2019 as “Something in the air” duo. Performative installation is not the most typical genre for the duo, who previously worked more with stage work. But because of the desire for a shared experience with the viewer, the authors chose a more open format with a more open contract, giving the viewer more freedom. At the same time, this is a typical work because it works with the urgencies, and yet explores the theme of time.


Work-in-progress: 20.12.2023

Premier: 17.05.2024

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