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Artistic research, performance and performative installation “Dacha”



Participants: Polina Bulba, Elena Drozdova, Marina Ragozina, Anna Simakina, Evgenia Fomina


During five days five female artists lived in the old summer house, observing the processes which emerged through inhabiting it.

Artistic research of the movement in the space and of the interaction with the objects formed the performance “Dacha”, which was shown 14 and 15 of July 2018 in CCI “Fabrika”, the performative installation was exposed till 31 of July.


Artists encountered multitude of objects in the crowded space and experienced physical discomfort. 

The household conditions at the dacha were interlaying with the research and for the purpose of the uninfluenced labor experiments all the movements were “taken out” of the house into the tent (white cube, lab) or on the lawn, where they were analyzed, deconstructed and revised. 

There were many discoveries made by participants and between them are the particular qualities of the movements which were created by the space, for example, circulation, looped movements, spontaneous movements triggered by external impulses. 

There were certain relations between object and the body disclosed: some objects were considered more authentic than other. We also discovered certain type of activity like maintaining non-valuable objects. The space on the dacha was full of micro-secrets and some object revealed the hidden functions (for example, once we took strange sponge from the vitrine window of the shelf, it started to make noise because of vibration from walking).

Dacha was full, crowded and it reminded the labyrinth. All these characteristics and qualities were later transferred into the score and turned into the choreography.

All objects from dacha were deterritorised to the galley space, where the performative installation was constructed - the space of heterotopia (the inside out dacha with shifted functions) in the shape of labyrinth.

The performance was based on the «open score», where in the soundscape was used as a queue, the audio was collected during the sound research practice. 

Together with the objects the unique and at the same time typical smell from dacha was brought, what increased the immersive effect during the contact of the spectators with the performative installation.

After the performance, the whole installation was deconstructed and taken away, so the excess of items was replaced with immaterial shadows and the mapping from the curtains: the traces of the space and the documentation of the performance were exhibited instead. 

The space of dacha will be turned into the small artistic residency.

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